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Tell Gov. Cooper to stop Duke Energy's Climate-Wrecking Fracked Gas Plan.

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Tell Gov. Cooper to stand up to Duke Energy's Climate-Wrecking Fracked Gas Plan.

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After you write to the Governor, send an email to Attorney General Josh Stein at [email protected]. Tell him to investigate Duke Energy!

Governor Cooper is now criticising Duke Energy's plans to expand natural gas and unproven nuclear reactors. Read NC WARN's recent letters commending the Governor and urging him to take further action.

Kids in NC Demand Genuine Climate Leadership.


Duke Energy is the worst climate offender among U.S. electricity providers and wants to keep building dirty power plants.

Urgent Leadership Needed

  • NC communities are already being devastated by worsening climate disasters.
  • Scientists say new “natural” gas projects clash with climate protection. Methane emissions from gas operations are a major contributor to global warming.
  • Duke Energy plans to build a huge amount of new gas-fired power generation (8,300 to 11,700 MW).
  • Duke leaders plan to waste billions building transmission lines … using land seizures against farmers and low-income communities.
  • Technology and economics strongly favor the steady replacement of coal- and gas-fired electricity with renewable power + storage.
  • There is more than 2.5 times the available solar capacity on roofs, parking areas and vacant lots as needed to meet North Carolina’s decarbonization mandates.
  • But Duke Energy is fighting to destroy competition from local solar-plus-storage.

The public must press Gov. Cooper to stop siding with Duke Energy’s greenwashing. He must use his authority and public voice to declare a climate emergency and stop Duke Energy leaders’ recklessness.

Please take action now and spread the word to others!

Duke Energy wants to keep building dirty power plants for decades!

Local solar-plus-storage on roofs, parking lots and vacant areas is the fastest, cheapest — and could be the most equitable — way for NC to slow the climate crisis.

40+ scientists urge Gov. Cooper to stop expanding fracked gas.

Dr. Drew Shindell
"Reducing emissions of methane ... this decade will slow global warming faster than any other mitigation strategy."
Dr. Drew Shindell
a globally prominent climate scientist at Duke University, in a letter to Gov. Cooper signed by 40+ scientists

Renewable energy and energy efficiency can create tens of thousands of new jobs in North Carolina, whereas new gas-fired power plants will have to close before the end of their useful lives, leaving Duke Energy customers paying billions for plants that aren’t even running.

North Carolinians want clean, inexpensive power and the jobs that go with it.